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#ChaosMasters #TIP


How to clear Ceberus Lv6 easily

Hi, I'm Thangvn, today i write a guide to help you clear Ceberus raid * (Lower level do the same but easier). It's new Raid, which has been updated in  5th Big Update, It's Very HARD RAID. So I hope this guide will help you. Let's start: 

I.Boss's Stats and Skills

-Level raid 1 ~ 3: there are 02 boss phases (revive 01 time). Level raid 4 ~ 6: there are 03 boss phases (revive 02 time). At the start of each phase, the boss, remove all debuffs and recover mana fully for itself.

-Ceberus has very much HP: 2131732 HP at level 6, with 3 Phases Ceberus has total about 5,100,000 HP

-Ceberus has six skills:

+ The most dangerous is Ultimate "Limb Bite": Deal 200% ATK (with 19178 base ATK, it can kill atleast one hero of your team when trigged Crit Hit) and Remove 3 Buffs, so you need use -MP or + MP consume skill or Master Skill.

+ BloodBath: boss's passive, recover a lot of HP for each kill. Do not let boss kill your heroes:

+ Flesh Tear: It's the first cast of Phase 1 and 2. Very dangerous, especially after we destroyed any Voodooist or Bloodstone.

+ Bloody Footprint: Cast boss at end of Phase 2 (> 35 seconds), so do not make battle so long.

+ Bloody Cry: normally casted in 2nd turn of each phase.

+ Trample: normally casted in 3rd turn of each phase, so do not make phase so long:

-In phase 1, there are 2 Voodooists in front of Cerberus. Their passive is immune. They have casting skills, buff defense rate for Cerberus, 2x2pt def, also recover HP (5%) / MP (2mp) and remove 2x1 random debuff every 2.she has a 6.7s cooldown, so they can buff for boss continuously. If one of them is killed, the one can revive. Voodooist can improve for boss when killed, and make boss angry. So the best way is focus kill boss only, 2 Voodooists will be disappeared after.

-In phase 2, there are 2 Blood Stones in front of Cerberus. Their Hp is 100. Each stone when destroyed will improve the Cerberus stronger, try to avoid them when damage boss.

- In 3rd phase, early Cerberus cast an annihilation skill, can kill all heroes, so you use "Banish" to avoid it. It will be stunted about 9 secs. Focus all damage and kill it.

II.Heroes, Master skill and Line up:

After know about boss, we need a formation to counter Ceberus:

 * Heroes:

  •  Hero can deal high damage to single target:  Serena  /    Kali  (main),  Gloria   /    Ribbit (sub) 
  •  Heroes have Cancel Casting Skill, Suggest    Cedrina /    Nepa-tuum /    Dereka /    Gloria /    Radeath /         Billot Captain
  •  Heroes have Remove Debuff skill, suggest    Horlan /    Dereka
  •  Heroes have buff Attack and / or Cooldown Reduction Skill, Suggest    Horlan   /  Gloria /    Edeln /         Aureus /    Refuq /    Rosarinte /    Ribbit / Billot Captain
  • Heroes have -Defense Rate Skill, Suggest    Refuq /    NEPA-tuum /    Reina /    Radeath /    Rosarinte
  • Heroes have cooldown Delaying to Boss skill, suggest   Cedrina   / Dereka (with Ultimate) /         Gloria (with her passive) / Leonic
  • Heroes have MP Reduction skill, best is      Reina , do not choose another heroes.
  • Heroes have MP Boost skill, suggest    Dereka /     ReinaRibbit  
  • Heroes have + MP Conpsumtion skill, suggest   CoCo    (best), Mayrell

So best team for this Raid is: 

(Serena is better than Kali because Kali's passive is random target, it may hit Voodooist or BloodyStone, which give you alot trouble)

* Master skill

  • Banish    : take 1 or 2, using it to avoid Boss's A nnihilation skill at phase 3 and avoid boss Ultimate (only use it when do not have another way to prevent it)
  • Immune    : take 1 or 2, for removing a debuff.
  • Abyss Orb    : take 1 or 2, for reducing Cerberus MP if boss full mana and do not get MP consumption debuff
  • Eagle Eyes                  : take 1, make all the team get 100% critical rate in 3rd phase to kill boss faster.

III. Battle

 * 1st Phase

-Buff your team to make them stronger. Remember order buff to make all of heroes have buff: may be lane 2-lane 3-lane 1 (remember buff Dam Dealer hero first, then support lane)

-Cerberus's Flesh Tear is an explosive skill, so 3 in heroes in line 1 and 2 heroes at center of line 2 will be reduced 80% max Hp. Put Dereka at the center of line 1 and Horlan at beside, then we can remove all these debuffs without using Immune.

-We have 2 ways to pass 1st phase. If enough strong, we can kill 02 Voodooists in 01 turn. But for safe, kill the Cerberus directly.

[1st Phase] - Voodoo Monster is casting defense buff, 05 heroes in front of squad are decreased 80% MaxHp after Cerberus casted Flesh Tear skill.

-Only end the first phase when you make your team will go first and then enter phase 2. If not, boss will use Ultimate and may be atleast one of your heroes.

* 2nd Phase

-Continue buff all your heroes, focus attack on boss, avoid attack 2 Bloody Stones. You can attack it at the beginning of phase 2 but it's risky than not attack Bloody Stones because boss will grow stronger and recover HP.

-You should use 1                          Immune                     and 1                          Abyss Orb                     .

-If you use Serena, remember buff skill 2 to maximum CD reduction and trigger Ultimate every 15 seconds for maximum damage. If you use Kali, hard to control your passive, Ýt máy destroy stones and the battle will harder (I suggest attack 2 stones at begining of phase 2 if you use Kali to prevent boss recover alot HP when Stones was destroyed)

-Similar with 1st phase, only kill boss when you make sure your team will go first and then enter phase 3. If not, boss will use Annihilation skill and wipe out your team.

* 3rd Phase

-If you can enter Phase 3, the raid is succesful 90%. Buff your team again if it's support turn when boss Invicible

-Using "Banish" before boss's turn to avoid Annihilation skill. Best time is when your hero is -Def rate hero. So after Banish end, you will -1 Def rate to maximum -Def rate on boss (boss got -3 Def Rate when stunned)

-After that, Cerberus is stuned. Using Eagle Eyes and launch all critical damage on boss. Kill the boss before it wakes up. The blink icon in action bar shows when boss wake up.

-If the boss wakes up, it will launch Ultimate (can not prevent it), so you should use Immune and use Cedrina's Ultimate to boost Block Rate and Block ratio before it wake up. Beside it, it has a halt CD passive and you can not slow it now.

- You can use Boss to avoid boss ultimate one time to save your team one more turn. Kill boss and get your reward:

IV.Some Tips and Tricks

-Remember check status Boss, it is very important.

-Remember calculate slow reduction to know boss or you go first when kill boss in the end of each phase. IE: next boss turn is 3 **** with max slow, next your turn is 2 secs. Boss will go first because it will slow down when boss revive!

-Serena and Coco is the best couple to kill boss. Use Coco buff x2 action to Serena to help her grow faster (Serena get 10% bonus ATK per turn permanently). With Horlan, Edelyn (or Gloria) and Selena skill 2 buff, she will have max CD reduction and get turn very fast. So at 30 secs, each ultimate can deal over 100k Damage x 9 heroes, so you can deal over 1 Million damage per turn.

-Use Serena skill 2 when Serena's passive can kill Boss in every turn is best for save turn. 

-Please do not forget that the passive hits of Serena / Gloria / Reina and Magic Bow Shots ... will target the lowest CurrrentHp / MaxHp enemy. So first we need inflict damage on Cerberus, then% HP of it is lower than Voodooists and all passive shots will hit Ceberus.

- Use Master Skills Immune / Abyss Orb / Banish right time. 

* Bonus

                 Some information of our heroes:

Serena- weaker, but more strong = faster raid = Safe raid

Coco- need high speed and skill about level 8

Reina- need high speed, max skill 1 to buff + 2 MP and Ultimate for -3MP on boss

Cedrina-Need max skill 2 and ultimate for longer time

Dereka-Need high speed and maximum skill 1 for + 2MP to 3 heroes

Gloria-Buffer and Sub damage dealer, so high level skill 1 and Ultimate is better

Nepa Tuum- Need high level of skill 2 and Ultimate only

Edylin-Need high speed and high level of skill 1 to buff longer time

Kali-Main Rover dealer if you do not have Serena, just focus on ATK, Crit Ratio, Crit Rate and max skill

You will get more experience after few defeat or watch our Video:

Thank you for reading and watching!