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Hi, today i write a guide to help you clear F70 fastest.

First       ,      F.70 only requires one strong hero like   Kali   /   Gloria   and right heroes. Why? It's because when battle start, Zupiel boss will trigger passive passive kill all your heroes except Center hero in back. And it is a chance for you to become an active master. Skill: Invincible and get 100% attack and reduce 100% CD and kill her. You also need some important things:

  • Boss's HP: she has 556412 HP, but she has a heal skill (67k or 112k when HP is under 50%), so you need to finish it as soon as possible.
  • Boss's skill, she has total 6 skills, most like Zupiel (but stronger). Bonus buff Concentrate (Crit rate, Crit ratio and reduce Ulti CD), Heal like Gurr the Beast (Sleep and heal 12% of Max HP or 20% of Max HP when under 50% HP)

Second,     after you know it, you just pick right heroes and kill every as fast as you can:

  1. Main damage for kill boss:  Kali is best, using  Kali when Mage not get baned. If Mage is banned, use  Gloria (or Darea but she has lower attack than Gloria). Kali has the best single damage from skill 2, Ultimate and Passive (especial when boss's HP under 50%)
  2. Support heroes: Because you can use 100% atk and 100% cd, just focus on -DEF, + CD and + Crit ratio. So, recommend support heroes are: 
  • Reiden : 20% crit rate and crit ratio is very useful for kill boss faster. She is must have. 
  • Viper : -20% Def to boss when begining battle which help you deal more damage. Must have, too
  • Nepatuum : -40% Def to boss when die: BEST -DEF HERO, bonus 10% Nepa's HP as damage (not much but it still good). Must have, too
  • Alkaras : +3 mana and reduce 20% CD when dead. It helps you go faster in the first turn or use the last one before using Invicible.
  • Mayrell : + 20% crit rate, only good when Def heroes got banned or you do not have them. Eagle Eye give 100% crit rate, you can finish it in 8 seconds.
  • Riri : + 60% Atk when dead, only good when you can not win in 10 seconds Invicible triggger or you do not have must have heroes. 
  • Other heroes with attack buff at begining battle like Akiho, Rosarinte ...

So, best line up when Mage not banned is:

When Mage got banned, replace Kali with Gloria (or Darea):

   * Bold
 Defender banned: Kali, Reiden , Viper, Xiros and Mayreel (or Akiro /  Rosarinte 
 Mages Banned: Gloria  (Darae) , Reiden , NepaTuum, Viper and Alkaras / Mayreel ( Alkarast for Speed Faster, Mayrell  IF you can not kill boss within Invicible and Eagle Eye time active)  
 Supports Banned: Kali, Reiden , NEPA-Tuum, Viper and Alkaras 
 Atackers Banned: Kali , NEPA-Tuum, Alkaras, Xiros and Riri (or Mayreel / Akiro / Rosarinte). It depends on your Kali weak or strong?

    3.Choose Master skill: 

  • Must have:  Invincible and  Eagle Eye for sure, 100% ATK, 100% CD, 100% Crit Rate will help you kill boss fastest. 
  • Other: Remove, Vampire if you can not kill boss fast. Battle Cry is good. You can take Immersion if you want to resist boss's stun.

Third,        step to pass:

  • After you have heroes got killed, buff Invicible and Eagle Eye and then use Kali skill 2 Crater Ambush to reduce boss's healing effect. Then continue use skill 2 if your Ultimate can not finish boss in second turn. In 3rd turn, must use Ultimate because invincible will end after this turn. If you battle longer than 3 turns, you need to use 3rd Master Skill to finish (may be Battle cry when HP is under 50%, it is great buff)
  • If you can kill boss in 3 turns, another way is do not use Invicible and Eagle Eye in the first turn. Just hit normal and use it in turn 2. Then nuke boss to die.

Final,        some tip and tricks to help you kill boss faster:

  • Focus to attack, crit ratio best equip for Kali / Gloria. It will help you kill boss faster. Reduce cooldown is not bad for break records and get higher rank.
  • Boss can heal alot when under 50% HP, finish it before heal.
  • You can kill bosses in one turn (about 8 seconds) if your Kali attack about 8k6, Crit Ratio> 125% with best support (Reiden, Viper, Nepatuum). Just use Invicible, Eagle Eye and Hope the most of your hits is Direct Crit Hit:

  • Direct Crit hits key for break records, repeat many times for best result.
  • Medusa can help you deal a bit damage for killing boss faster with every passive, give equip with high ATK.
  • The Immotals set is best for this floor:

Clip using Gloria:

Using Kali will faster, about 10 seconds with 2 turns, it's so easy so i do not capture clip:

-If your Kali not too strong, you can clear F.70 by using this guide:

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