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Tips & Gudies


Tips & Gudies

Tips&Guides Rules

Hello Dragoneers! 

STOVE Community for Century: Age of Ashes is now open! 

Here in Tips & Guides, you can make posts that you think are useful tips / guides for the game, especially for new players!

However, please follow the guidelines below in order to keep the community healthy. 

  1.  Members should be kind, respectful and tolerant to each other.

    - Disagreements and critical discussions are allowed, but personal attacks or antagonising behaviour is not okay.
    - Harassment or threats are not tolerated.
    - Offensive posts regarding; sexual orientation, origins, language, religion, disability, appearance, age, platform used or any other subject are not accepted.

  2.  The following things are not allowed:

    - NSFW, gore and nudity.
    - Computer viruses, phishing and suspicious or obfuscated URLs.
    - Game exploits, bots or hacks.
    - Illegal, pirated or datamined content.
    - Consistent spamming, ASCII 'art', etc.
    - Do not post any memes related to terrorism.

  3.  We advise you to use English for all the posts here. 

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