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[Patch Notes] 1/31 Account Transfer Guide [3]

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  • 2019.01.31 06:12 (UTC+0)
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1. Service changes and migration progress guide

"Arcane Straight" is changing its name in "Triple Fantasy"! And Gameplete's developers will start a new service.

The service will be migrated via escalation, so you can continue to play with your Arcane Straight existing account.

◆ Schedule ◆

Ⓐ January 31, 2019

- Possible to transfer your game data from Arcane Straight to Triple Fantasy.

Ⓑ February 18, 2019

- All payment products in Arcane Straight will be discontinued and there will be no new available products in the Market. But, you will be able to keep playing.

Ⓒ March 20, 2019

- Arcane Straight will end. Possible to transfer game data.

Ⓓ May 31, 2019

- Migration service will be completed.

◆ Transfer account information ◆

- All your account information except, your master name (nickname) and friend list, will be transferred.

- When transferring your account, the following information will not be transferred: Username (Nickname + player tag), Friends List, Devil raid info, Rune settings

◆ Transfer process ◆

1) In the transfer request pop-up window, select "Transfer Process!" to transfer the process.

2) If you select “Transfer Process” button in the transfer request pop-up window, the process will be transferred. If you select “Wait for later”, you will go back to previous screen.

3) The pop- up window will be exposed for consent of personal information. If you agree, proceed to the next step, or return to the main screen if you don’t agree with it. 

4) Depending on whether you have installed a triple fantasy, proceed as follows:

ⓐ What if I’ve already installed Triple Fantasy?

1-1) After automatically being sent to the market, install and execute Triple Fantasy.

1-2) Create an account, enter the main menu, and the account will automatically transfer.

1-3) Re-run the game to complete the transfer.

ⓑ What if Triple Fantasy was installed?

2-1) Execute Triple Fantasy

2-2) When entering the main menu, verify you want to overwrite your data with an existing account then, process.

2-3) Re-run the game to complete the transfer.

※ Notice

- Please make sure that your Google/iOS account and your current account are the same that when you used Arcane Straight.
- Guest accounts that have not been linked to Google, Facebook, Game Center, etc. are not transferable.

- If you have any questions about the transfer process, please email us at 

Thank you.

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    2019.01.31 15:10 (UTC+0)
    How to link my account with google?
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    2019.02.01 22:39 (UTC+0)
    No Valentine's Legend Festival before payment products are discontinued? 
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    2020.04.05 12:04 (UTC+0)

    how can I transfer if Arcane Straight was closed?

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