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Notice of Transfer of Service

  • OFFICIAL 70197412
  • 2019.01.30 09:53 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 1204

Hello, players.
We would like to inform you all about the upcoming transfer of service of Arcane Straight.

Arcane Straight, which has been serviced by the publisher, Smilegate Megaport, will now be serviced by
the developer, Gameplete, as the game "Triple Fantasy."

We are currently in the process of preparing a way for players to transfer their account information easily and safely.

In order to continue playing the game after the transfer, Arcane Straight players will need to transfer
their account data to Triple Fantasy.
Transferred accounts will retain everything from their account, including their level, resources, Dungeon progress, memberships, and so on.

The transfer method and more detailed information will be shared in an announcement in the near future.
The preparations for the new Triple Fantasy are almost complete, so we ask you all for your patience for just a little while longer!

We will continue to do our best to provide even better service for all our players!

Thank you.

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