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[Patch Notes] 9/20 Update [1]

  • OFFICIAL WhiteCat
  • 2018.09.18 10:38 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 915

Hello Heroes!

This is GM WhiteCat.

As some of you may know, the Arcane Straight team is located in South Korea! And right now, we’re approaching the Harvest Festival (Chuseok in Korean), which is a time for us to give thanks for what we have, just like Thanksgiving in other countries.

So, to extend our gratitude to all Heroes for all your support, we’ve prepared a ton of special events!!

We are wishing you all a bountiful harvest filled with great Legend cards!

Please see below for full details about the update :D

- Event Schedule: 9/20 (Thu) after the update ~ 9/27 (Thu) till maintenance begins

- During the events, you will be able to obtain the new card Blue Dragon from a special Red Mountains dungeon called “Blue Dragon’s Sanctuary”.

- As with other Red Mountains dungeons, you can obtain the Blue Dragon card randomly from the dungeon.

[Harvest Festival - EVENT 1]

- Event Schedule: 9/20 (Thu) after the update ~ 9/27 (Thu) before the maintenance

- The cost to purchase 50 Energy will be lower during the duration of the event.

- Energy Price: 5 Diamond > 2 Diamond

[Harvest Festival - EVENT 2]

- Event Schedule: 9/20 (Thu) after the update ~ 9/27 (Thu) before the maintenance

- Content: During the event, the Wandering Merchant will visit every day! 

We’ll share details about even more Harvest Festival events soon!

Check them out this Thursday, September 20!

Thank you!
- GM WhiteCat

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