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[Patch Notes] 9/5 Update! New Features! [14]

  • OFFICIAL WhiteCat
  • 2018.09.04 10:55 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 1732

Hello Heroes,

This is GM Whitecat!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for!!

Quests, Rune Combos, plus a special Attendance event for you Heroes!

And, you’ll now get more rewards when you level up!

Without further ado, onward, to the patch notes!

- When specific Rune Combos are equipped, you can unlock new Rune effects.

- The results of Rune Combos are graded from Rare ~ Hero.

- There are two types of Rune Combos: Type Combos and Special Combos.

[Special Rune Combos]

- When equipping specific Runes to specific locations, you can unlock new Rune effects.

- In these cases, the individual Runes’ effects disappear.

- Some Special Combo effects appear only at special times.

ㄴ For example, when cards reshuffle, or when entering a stage

- New Special Rune Combos will appear in your list when you obtain at least one Rune from the combo.

- After a combo appears in your list, even if you get rid of all the Runes that were a part of it, the combo will remain in your combo list.

- A special attendance event to help you enjoy your stay in Astelsia even more!

- Both new and existing users will all be able to participate in this event.

- Be sure to click on the ‘Receive Package’ button to collect your reward!

[Sorcerer Cain]

The way that the Venomous Catalyst skill is calculated and the way it appears have changed.

[Poison Damage Stat Changes] 

- In following with the changes to the skill calculation, many cards’ poison damage stats have changed.

 Current: 1 Card = 200%, 2 Cards = 400%, 3 Cards = 800%.....

 Change: 1 Card = +100%, 2 Cards = +200%, 3 Cards = +300%

[Skill Description Changes]

 Current: When in your Hand or in the Field, poison damage to all enemies is increased by 200%.

 Change: When in your Hand or in the Field, poison damage to all enemies is increased by 100%.

[Rune Balancing]

- All Runes’ Vampirism effects have been reduced.











- 16 quests about Astelsia’s past have been added.

- 3 extra quests have been added.

- New level-up rewards have been added to the Achievements menu (A Taste of Mastery).

- Users who have already surpassed the levels required to obtain the new achievements will also be able to claim their rewards.



Added Achievements

Lv. 5

1 Hero Card


Lv. 7

5 Diamond


Lv. 10

1 Legend Card


Lv. 15

10 Diamond


Lv. 20

1 Hero Card


Lv. 25

15 Diamond


Lv. 30

1 Legend Card


Lv. 35

20 Diamond


Lv. 40

1 Hero Card


Lv. 45

25 Diamond


Lv. 50

1 Legend Card


Lv. 55

30 Diamond


- Players who do not skip the intro and/or tutorial can now receive a reward.

- The tutorial content has been simplified.

- Players can now hold 3 cards in their hand from the start of the game. (The master skill ‘Hand Size’ has been removed.)

- New loading tips have been added.

- Sun Wukong’s clones no longer incorrectly possess 100% of the original card’s stats.

- A bug causing the animations for some skills to display incorrectly has been fixed.

- The skill message notifying that Blunt Blow was activated now appears even when the skill fails to land.

- You are now able to gain experience from playing Devil’s Ruins. The amount of experience gained will correspond with the amount of Energy used.

- Like in the tutorial, 3x speed can now be used during quests.

- The ‘Attack’ Rune’s name has been changed to ‘Contain’.

- Elixir can no longer be purchased from merchants if your Elixir is already full.

ㄴ After all Elixir is used, it can be purchased.

- Aresene’s skill animation now displays normally.

- A bug causing attack numbers to display incorrectly when Fiend is in the field has been fixed.

- The multiplier now displays the effect of the Hypatia’s Blessing skill more clearly.

- When selecting the Black Pill in the Mad Assistant’s Lab, the effect and the explanation of the effect now correspond correctly.

- Runes that affect cost no longer display a buff icon.

- The time for calculating rewards after defeating a Devil has been increased from 5 minutes > 10 minutes.

- The order of quests has been altered so that Kingdom quests (main quests) and Retaking Land quests can no longer be in progress at the same time.

- All basic cards’ skills are now automatically acquired at the start of the game.

- Likewise, the quests to unlock the basic cards’ skills (Skill Training, Recovery Training, Cooperation Training) have been removed.

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    2018.09.04 13:31 (UTC+0)
    When is the update ?
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    2018.09.04 20:13 (UTC+0)
    Just wanted to say you guys are doing a wonderful job, especially with constant improvements to the game and events!
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    작성자 2018.09.05 11:00 (UTC+0)


     The update will begin tonight at 21:00 UTC!
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    2018.09.06 01:49 (UTC+0)
    So I did something really dumb,I talked to the white mage and when he gave me the choice to level up a skill I made a mistake and closed, thinking I could save it for my vigor which is a level away. Just wondering if I can redo it if possible or something thanks. 🙏
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