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#EpicSeven #Game_Maintenance

Official Dominiel

[Update] 4/3 (Wed) Update Content

1. Special Drop Rate Up! Round 1!    

In celebration of the second season of the Arena, some popular heroes will have a shared banner! The first shared banner will be between everyone’s favorite knight, Krau, and Tenebria.

During this event period, players will have a higher chance to summon the legendary knight, Krau, and The Phantom Queen who deals in cruel illusions, Tenebria. Krau is an ice elemental knight who has high health and protects allies while suppressing the enemy’s key heroes. Tenebria is an aggressive fire element mage that specializes in preventing the enemy’s ability to attack.

■ Schedule

4/3 (Wed) after the maintenance ~ 4/10 (Wed) 14:59 (UTC

2. Side Story – “My Knight Would Never!” 

The soldiers of the Conclave, who played a leading role in the Archdemon War, are restless as rumors spread that Krau, a close friend of Queen Diene is about to visit Tirel Castle. But the man who appears before them is a brazen playboy...


4/3 (Wed) after the maintenance ~ 4/18 (Thu) before the next maintenance (UTC)

How to Enter

After reaching Account Rank 9, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Side Story].

How to Play

1) Play through the Side Story stages to collect the event currency “Clown Mushrooms” and exchange them for great rewards! Additional rewards can be collected from Region Rewards, Quests, and Reputation. 

2) Players can also receive Urgent Missions while playing a Side Story. 

3) In the Side Story region, players can acquire 2★ Monsters and Catalysts. Players can see this information by tapping the Region Info icon.
4) Players can select higher difficulties at stages [4. Rose Apostles' Hall] and [10. Star Shadow Lane]. 

Locked Quests

In order to proceed to stage [5. Tailed Flycatcher Forest], players will need to complete the Preceding Quest as well as the Locked Quest that follows it.

Enhanced Heroes

Krau and the following Heroes receive benefits when used in My Knight Would Never!:

Event Currency


■  Reputation

Complete Reputations to obtain various rewards. 



Toward the Destination 1

1 Leif

Toward the Destination 2

1 Leif

Toward the Destination 3

1 Leif

Toward the Destination 4

1 Leif

Toward the Destination 5

1 Leif

A Little Cleanup 1

30,000 Gold

A Little Cleanup 2

50,000 Gold

A Little Cleanup 3

1 Rare Catalyst Chest

A Little Cleanup 4

15 Skystones

A Little Cleanup 5

20 Skystones

Hazard Elimination 1

1 Silver Transmit Stone

Hazard Elimination 2

1 Silver Transmit Stone

Hazard Elimination 3

1 Silver Transmit Stone

Trusted Knight

50 Skystones

Everyone's Hero

10 Covenant Bookmarks

All Achievements Complete Reward

3 Silver Transmit Stone

3. Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

Summons and Summon Tickets 

- The 5★ Hero Cermia and the 5★ Artifact Border Coin have been added to the Covenant Summon. 

- The 5★ Hero Cermia and the 5★ Artifact Border Coin are now available from applicable Summon Tickets.


- An announcement will be displayed on the Season Ranking menu if you do not have a ranking. 

- Improvements have been made to the announcements displayed on the Season Ranking menu. 

- An issue has been fixed that caused the offense and defense win rate percentages not to be displayed

- The values on the ‘Win Rate Log’ will no longer display decimal points. For example, values previously displayed as 100.0% will now display as 100%. 

- Characters will now be displayed in the middle of the ‘My Ranking’ window.


- An issue has been fixed that caused Specimen Sez to not target stunned enemies first when using his skill, “Light Storm”, during Auto Battle.

- An issue has been fixed in which, if a critical hit caused by Blaze Dingo's second skill trigerred his first skill, any equipped Artifact that altered his first skill did not apply.
 - An issue has been fixed where, when Specter Tenebria was attacked, she did not move.

- An issue has been fixed in which, after an ally dies, the cooldown period for Tamarinne’s skill, “Shining Star!” was reset.

- An issue has been fixed in which, a buff did not decrease properly when a new buff was applied to a character.

- An issue has been fixed in which, when an enemy is selected to be attacked by a hero with the ability to attack 2 enemies, if one of the targets had the buff stealth applied, they would not receive damage.
- An issue has been fixed in which Cermia’s Sprite did not match her illustration.


- An issue has been fixed in which, when attacked with a dual attack, extra attack or a counterattack, the Golem Hunt Boss monster’s active skills, “Earthen Rage” and “Statue's Rage” no longer have their cooldown decreased.
 - An issue has been fixed in which, the “Hand of The Archdemon” was not summoned by Arbiter Vildred, on Abyss Floor 66 and Adventure 10-9.

- An issue has been fixed in which, the connection would become unstable when checking Queen Azumashik’s skill info in the raid labyrinth, Royal Capital Azmakalis.


- The epic catalyst, Nightmare Mask, can now be obtained when completing World 6-9 Red Lily Shelter.

- The boss in world 6-9. Red Lily Shelter has been changed from Greed Nighthare to Nightmare Keeper.
 - An issue has been fixed, which caused the equipment set displayed in the Region Info of World 8. Duselnorc to be different from the actual equipment that can be obtained.


- Players cannot recall heroes that have a specialty change quest in-progress.

- The issue that made it impossible to complete or quit Kluri’s specialty change quest once Kluri has been recalled has been fixed

-->Players can now quit the specialty change quest of a Hero who has been recalled.

-->The specialty change quest progress will be maintained for a Hero who has been recalled.

UI and other Improvements

- Improvements have been made to the visual effects when the camping button is tapped. 

- Improvements have been made so that the account buff pop-up will only show in the lobby or at the end of battle when a new event buff is applied.

- The issue that caused sorting by time not to immediately take effect when Account Buffs are activated has been fixed.
 - The issue that caused some text to be omitted in the notification chat has been fixed. 

- Improvements have been made to the layout of the Guild War offense team formation.
- An issue has been fixed that caused ‘Hero’ to be displayed on the list of obtainable items for the Artifact summon ticket in the Artifact Pack. 

- The issue where the text in the buff/debuff guide and the icons displayed game guide did not match has been fixed.
 - UI improvements have been made to suit the resolution and user experience of iPhone X series devices.

- The issue that caused an incorrect icon to be displayed has been fixed.

- The issue that caused background music to be muted during a player’s first battle on a new account has been fixed.

- The issue that caused certain text to be displayed in the incorrect location when the Memory Imprint window was selected has been fixed.